Yes Ma’am Dog Training, Helping You Focus on What’s Important

Ready to take back control of your household, so you can focus on caring for your loved one?

Difficult to Delightful

Turn your dog from a distraction into a contented member of your family.

What if you could stop worrying about your dog, and focus on your loved one?

What if you could train your dog in the time you have, and enjoy doing it?

What if caregivers and family could come and go in your house with no stress?

With this program, you’ll discover how to

  • Be proud of your dog’s behavior around family and visitors
  • Relax knowing that your dog will listen and be safe around your loved one
  • Meet your dog’s emotional needs even when you don’t have much time for him.

During this six-week program, you’ll get virtual lessons, handouts, and check-ins every week. You’ll also get phone and text support when you need them.

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